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About Us

He manages the process of determining the communication goals of Istanbul Esenyurt University, creating strategies that will carry our university to these goals, and developing and implementing the integrated communication program, which includes public relations activities in accordance with the strategies created.


Our directorate, which also provides information flow between academic and administrative units; Public relations, promotion, press relations and follow-up, organization, event, social media and web updates are also made up of coordination units.


The main theme of the university; manages brand perception and brand awareness in accordance with education, R&D and quality policy.

Manages and coordinates all digital promotion channels, including the university's website and social media; generates and manages projects.

It implements and coordinates all promotional activities and communication activities to be carried out in the field within the framework of the strategic communication plan.

Plans and develops the university's promotional materials; Coordinates production and distribution.

It develops collaborations, produces and coordinates projects with institutions and organizations in accordance with the education policy of the university.

He manages and executes all graphic and design works for the internal and external communication channels of the university.

It plans the communication activities of the university with the press, produces its contents and coordinates the press communication.